Secure Technologies and Data Storage

In 2022, there will be 35 million cyberattacks that will cost companies around $8 trillion. With those numbers it’s clear that secure technologies and data storage are vital to securing the assets of an organization from cyberattacks. Additionally data breaches can decrease brand value and erode trust among customers. This year, experts estimate that companies will spend over $3 billion on security technologies and services. The good news is that there are numerous ways to improve security for data storage to stop hackers from accessing enterprise information, whether at rest in the data center or on storage media in remote edge facilities.

Encryption is among the most effective methods to ensure data confidentiality. It converts data into an unreadable format that requires an encryption key to decrypt it. There are numerous options to secure data while it is in transit and at rest or during real-time analysis processing. Additionally, a business must have a system in place to securely track the encryption keys used for data storage.

A solution that permits data deletion is another good option. This software completely overwrites the data stored on storage devices and makes it impossible to recover the data from non-authorized individuals. It is also crucial for enterprises to use role-based access control and multi-factor authentication on storage systems and devices and to alter default passwords.

Physical security of storage is essential to guard against insider threats, such as ill-trained employees or disgruntled ex-employees who have access to physical storage devices like hard drives or tapes. The latest physical storage security options can be helpful by incorporating anti-tamper and anti-surveillance technology, as well as advanced intrusion detection using hardware.

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